Choosing A Career As A Firefighter

Fire Fighting

A career in fire fighting is not only exciting but motivating. You will be called upon to tackle emergencies, resolve issues, and tackle fire incidences and rescue people from burning buildings. You must be prepared to deal with road traffic collisions and chemical spillages.

You must be sensitive because you will always deal with the public who are mostly confused or distressed. The modern fire fire-fighters must be ready to work closely with the community to increase awareness and at the same time prevent occurrences of fire incidences that can harm the public.

To make a successful career in fire fighting you must be effective in communication. You will deal with community groups, schools voluntary organizations and thus, you must be effective in communication and treat people with dignity and respect irrespective of their cultural background. This is the only way that guarantees you success. At the end of your service you could take your knowledge and work as a fire risk assessor.

There are plenty of personal attributes which you must have if you want to succeed as a fire fighter. Some of them include confidence, adaptability, reliance, effective communication skills, integrity, diversity and commitment.

In the UK, the role of firefighters is changing every day. New equipment and techniques are introduced every day. You will also be expected to offer services and work with the community.

You will be on the forefront to fight and prevent fire from occurring. You must be prepared to visit schools, community centers and the public in their respective homes to advise and teach them about the available escape roots in their homes in the event of fire.

A successful fire-fighter must understand the diversity and the values of individual groups. He must be prepared to undertake training programs which may be continues. He must attend lectures, practical training sessions, and exercises seminars not to mention other forms of training that can help you maintain competence levels.

He must be a risk taker and take responsibility at developing their own skills to improve the level of fitness required to help you deliver on this mentally and physically demanding responsibility.

In the event of being deployed among fire fighters, or fire rescue team, one must be prepared to respond to emergency calls, respond to pagers and be prepared to serve the rural community. You can do better if you are self employed or if you have an employer who understands how important the job and the necessity of the service you offer. He should be prepared to support and release you when you are required to offer you valuable service.

For those interested in becoming retainer fighters, the procedure is simple. All they must do is to contact the nearest fire fighting station commander and discuss the available opportunities.
The fire fighting career is well paying. If you start as a trainee fire fighting level, your earn £ 21,583 per year. After you attain some level of competency the figure will be raised to £ 28, 766. If you work for overtime, you will be paid more.

Crew managers will start from £ 30,574 but as you gain more experience, you may earn £ 31,892. If you become a watch manager, you will earn between £ 32,096 to about £35,664. A station manager will earn between £37,096 and £40,915.

If you advance to group manager level, you will receive an attractive salary package of between £50,156 to £55,018 depending on how competent you are.

For retained fire-fighters, they receive an annual retainer depending on the service offered. They will also receive a turn fee depending on the incident they handle. The retainer may range from £ 2,158 to £ 2,887 for competent fire-fighters.

Thus, you can make a successful career out of fire fighting and lead a better life.

Why Choose A Career In Web Development And Design?

Web Developer

Web development and design as a career can be quite exciting. If everything that encompasses site design interests you, then you might be thinking about entering the field. What makes web development a great career option?

The first thing that stands out is the simple fact that the World Wide Web continues to be a growing force in daily life. The industries involved continue to evolve along with the expansion of the Internet. In the future, there will be no shortage of needs for all things concerning web development. This presents immediate recognition of job security.

While some web developers work for corporations, others choose to work for themselves and set their own hours. This is very appealing, especially considering the fact that it also means working from your home environment. While some people find this difficult, there is a big move towards many people looking for work-from-home jobs.

Aside from job security and industry growth, there is also a consistent call for creativity in the field. As the industry continues to evolve, companies are always looking for innovative site design so that they can stand out among the competition.

One thing a people have to put up with in the field of web development is their own competition. What you can do better than other web developers sets you apart. How do you plan on marketing yourself? A site designer needs to have an in depth knowledge about all things Internet, and this requires some hefty studying.

Web developers need to know about search engine optimization, and they need to know about marketing and advertising. While the benefits of being a web developer are numerous, you do have to keep up with all the changes that are constantly being made.

This includes noticing changes in rules and regulations, especially when it comes to search engines. An extensive knowledge of different software programs is also of course required.

Where many web developers get an edge on the competition is the unique understanding of how site design relates to each business niche. Sometimes people also develop specialties, dealing with certain types of businesses.

If you’re still wondering whether web development if your career path, consider the following statistic. Growth in this career field by the year 2022 is expected to be at 20 percent! While there are many things that drive this statistic, you can imagine that the move towards e-commerce is key.

Not only are people jumping at the chance to expand businesses online, but you also have to consider the expansion of mobile marketing and browsing. It makes a person think what people know about the growth of web development is only a fraction of what will take place.

This makes an even more compelling argument for web development as a very lucrative field. Location does have much to do with prestige and pay if you’re going to work for a company. And, you also are going to want to continuously work on developing your personal portfolio.

Why Young People Need to Choose Teaching as a Career


There are many options today for talented young adults to go into teaching for a few years and then move on to something else. It’s an opportunity to provide a service to the community before moving on to the next stage in one’s career. Since many young people today do not expect to stay in the same career for more than a decade, this approach to teaching in the short term is very appealing.

However, encouraging new teachers to see teaching as a short-term choice is not good for the education system. In order for the American education system to be successful in the long term, a large percentage of new teachers need to plan on staying in the profession for life.

Research has shown that good schools are more than the sum of their parts. Even a group of good teachers doesn’t necessarily make a good school. The best educational institutions have a shared culture and purpose, where all of the teachers and administrators work together toward a common goal. If a large number of teachers at a school are constantly turning over after a just a few years, this kind of commonality is hard to achieve.

A successful school needs a group of teachers who will stay there and work together in the long-term. This kind of group provides stability for the school and its students, allowing the cultivation of solid relationships with the community. Career teachers can also offer mentoring for newcomers to the profession in a way that short-term teachers cannot.

It should be obvious that the leaders in any profession are those with the most experience. There are some people that come in like shooting stars and are excellent teachers at the start, but most people have a learning curve. Most of the time, good teachers are made, not born. Years of experience turn a decent teacher into an excellent one, as they learn what works and what doesn’t for the students at their school.

Staying in the profession and at one school builds better neighborhood schools, especially in difficult areas. This is another spot where young adults are encouraged to consider spending just a few years before moving on, but that may not be good for those poorly-performing schools. The techniques needed to reach those students will vary from place to place, and only with trial and error over time can a teacher figure out what to do with their students.

Teaching is of course a form of civil service. However, it should not be considered primarily something you do to give back for a few years before moving to another career. Choosing teaching as a career is what is best for the education system and the students. Stable teachers build better relationships with each other, with their institutions, with their neighborhoods, and with their students. All of these successful relationships are a big part of what makes a teacher successful; without them, a school is just a group of people.

Choosing A Career as an Accountant


There are some jobs that command a great deal of respect, such as working as a doctor or as a lawyer. Another job that gets a lot of respect and admiration is that of an accountant.

An accountant is a professional who works with financial accounts either for individuals, organizations or companies. They prepare taxes, perform audits, provide consulting, analyze financial records, locate cases of financial fraud, etc.

1. Accountants Must Attend College

Anyone who desires to be an accountant must attend college. Furthermore, a four-year program is sometimes not enough to attain an accounting degree. Many people who become accountants attend college for five years or more, with the final years focused on accounting specific courses and preparation for the CPA exam.

2. Accounting Internships Are A Good Way To Get Started In The Field

Although landing a job as an accountant is possible due to the number of positions opened in the field, working as an intern at your college or university is the best way to get your foot in the door.

Major corporations come to college job fairs looking for new recruits. Students who are hired for internships spend their summers working for accounting firms or they spend part of their school year at accounting firms.

Often hours spent at the firms equate to college credits. From there, companies will hire interns after the interns graduate based on their knowledge and quality of their work history.

2. Accountants Earn A Good Living

As with many professional jobs that require a good deal of educating, people who work in the accounting field general make a good living wage. An accountant’s salary generally starts anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000. Those working in popular cities, such as New York, Los Angeles or Chicago and who work in high paying fields, such as securities and commodities, make the highest wages.

Working hours for accountants are generally long ones. Few accountants who make a high-paying salary and who work for corporations are working just an eight-hour day. Expect to go into work early in the morning and leave late at night when working as an accountant for a corporation, particularly during tax season.

3. To Be A Certified Public Accountant, Accountants Must Take The CPA Exam

To be in the best position for top salary and advancement, accountants take the CPA exam or the Certified Public Accountant exam. This is a uniform exam that is taken in four separate parts.

The test is a difficult one that requires months and months of study. Only 1 in 5 people pass the CPA exam on the first try.

Another exam that some accountants take is the Certified Management Accountant certification, which is a step up from the CPA exam and that requires more qualifications, such as work experience.

To be an accountant takes hard work. However, the employment of people qualified to be an accountant is good. There are lots of jobs opened to these types of professionals. Education, work history and successfully passing the CPA exam will put an accountant in the best position for employment, salary and advancement.

Journalism As A Career In The Modern World


When looking into careers, journalism as a career is a choice many people are no longer making. This is in part, due to the assumption that the lack of print media means a lack of need for journalists. However, in the modern world, journalism has merely taken on a more modern approach making it both more accessible and more relevant than ever.

Journalist in any of the fields, now optimize their content to be posted online. Many times, deadlines are no longer problematic, an online publication can be updated any time of the day or night. This means that journalists working shifts, crawling their way to the top, and even in small departments get more work and more of a chance to prove themselves than ever before.

The speed that the journalism world moves at has also changed. Within hours of an event, people expect to know what happened and all relevant details behind the event as well. Journalists now need to be fast, accurate, and aware of the world around them. This was previously the case, but with the speed of technology, information flow is even more important than ever before.

The fact checking ability of the internet, instant replays, and the plethora of digital media also makes it important to be accurate. In the modern world of journalism, credibility is the one thing that can set one journalist apart from the others. It takes mere seconds for someone to google incorrect information and discredit a journalist in the comments.

The integrity of journalism as a profession is thus upheld through an even stronger push for accurate information. When someone is looking for information, they want a source they can trust. Being that trustworthy source can catapult a publication into the spotlight and increase notoriety overnight. What previously took years, can be accomplished within days for a credible publication.

Gone are the days of journalists reports on subjects they do not truly believe in. With niche publications, publications catering to different interest groups, and even different language publications, journalists can tweak their career to reflect their values, heritage, levels of interest, and even their political following.

The result of such customizations is a generation of journalists who truly care about their work. Professionals who enjoy going to work every day, providing information in a way that reaches the masses, and ensuring that their own personal integrity is upheld within the confines of journalist integrity.

Still, within the new journalistic world, the basic skills taught for years in every news writing and journalism class still apply. For all of the changes within the industry, good quality, trustworthy work is still the order of the day. In a world that is every changing, this semblance of stability is possibly the most appealing part of modern journalism.

For those considering journalism as a career, the path has never been more open. With new publications popping up every day, every form of journalism is still sorely needed. From the mundane to the earth-shattering, journalism fuels the modern society.